a day with Cándido
'There are three things I want in life; good health, reggae and weed.’
May 2022, Ibiza, Spain. 
It was my last morning on the island, I headed to the port hoping to find a local fisherman and met Cándido. I introduced myself and shared my intentions to document his daily ritual at sea. A bit confused he said he was ‘in a good mood’ and kindly agreed for me join him on his boat, 'Rosetes'.
Cándido was 62, and had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He opened up about his recent health struggles, his reckless youth, his misuse of drugs and alcohol and how his mother's passing made him find resilience and purpose. 
He used to spend most of the year fishing the local sea, rode a Harley-Davidson and loved to travel the world.
Cándido passed away in the spring of 2023. 
Thank you for sharing your stories and kindness. 

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