About me
My love for photography came from my father. As a kid I was constantly exposed to the photographic world, at home there was always a camera around or a photography book on the living room table. Naturally I became inquisitive about photography. My father used to let me accompany him whilst shooting and would often allow me to shoot the last few pictures of the film. Afterwards, I would wait eagerly for the film to be processed - I was always fascinated by the outcome of the pictures. 
I got my first camera when I was 8 years-old. It was a 5MP point and shoot underwater camera that I took everywhere. Eight years later, I was finally able to get my first DSLR. That summer, I discovered there was a 105mm Macro lens at home, and I was hooked. I would explore the garden for days on end, looking for insects and filling up my SD cards. I had fallen in love with photography. 
Today I am constantly exposing myself to new and different styles of photography, allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of both my camera and my style. I am frequently writing new ideas and getting involved with new projects. My passion towards photography has allowed me to explore the world and to share my perspective of it. I have been able to participate in different photographic workshops, display and publish my work in calendars and work alongside restaurants.
There is something truly special about a picture - it captures a fracture of time that otherwise would happen too fast, and it allows us to appreciate it in detail.  
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